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Autor(i): Anghel Ion M.

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Anul apariţiei: 2022

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Based on one of the fundamental principles of International Law – pacta sunt servanda, the Treaty of Trianon constitutes an imperative act – imperium, of an indisputable legal and moral value that cannot be ignored; it flows logically and sacredly from justice and the equity which must be the foundation of all mankind, and which must naturally and firmly be respected and properly applied by everyone. Consequently, that long-awaited cessation and removal forever of the secular cruelty and savage oppression to which the Romanians in Transylvania were subjected, was fulfilled through this Treaty.

This justified and inexorable act of justice, the Treaty of Trianon, through which a centuries-old historical reality was placed in its matrix, must be known, respected and applied bona fide.

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